Responsive Website and Its importance

Responsive Website and Its importance

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is where a web designer creates a web page which “responds to” or resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being viewed in, be it a computer monitor, laptop, smartphone or a tablet.

With the insurgence of smartphones and other computing devices, it has become essential for everyone to make a responsive web design. A responsive website means that your user can navigate and read with minimum resizing and scrolling, providing an optimal user experience for users across all screen resolutions and devices.

The Need for Responsive Design

Since Google’s Mobilegeddon announcement in 2015, design and development firms have come a long way in catering to the demands of their mobile audience. The ultimate goal is to provide a mobile friendly website that scales automatically to match the device it is being viewed on.

The number of smartphone users have internationally surpassed 2 billion in 2016 and over 60% searches come from mobile device. Hence, offering an optimized browsing experience is not only option, it has become a necessity.

Benefits of having a mobile responsive design for your website

  • The foremost benefit is that a responsive layout will give your customer the experience you intend to.
  • You can always refine the content you show for those who are using a mobile device, this can be achieved through a responsive website.
  • Google prefers mobile-friendly websites, so, if you have a responsive web design, you are more likely to show up in search results higher than the one without.
  • The user experience of a responsive web design will provide a positive perception to your brand and business.
  • It is more likely that your customers will return to you for more business boosting your conversion rate for your website.
  • Generally, the sites that are responsive load faster, decreasing your bounce rate. It also makes social sharing easier and increasing your brand audience.
  • The SEO and website maintenance becomes a smoother process and the website also becomes quicker and less expensive.

Importance of responsive website design for your business

*Provides consistent and smoother experience that can increase lead generation and conversions.

*Reach a wider group of audience.

*Decreases the time and cost of the on-site content management.

*Stay ahead of the competition.

*Cost effective as it eliminates the cost of putting up an all-new mobile website.

*Flexible to make quick tweaks on your site.


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